The personal and direct commitment of the partners of the firm in every single issue to be resolved. The support of a network of professionals and consultants throughout the country. An innovative cost saving strategy that achieves excellent levels of competitiveness on the market. Highly specialized assistance for banks and companies. A very high case resolution success rate. The belief that every problem can be solved if faced with due competence, dedication, care, intelligence and tenacity.

This is Studio Alliegro & Baldieri, a new and established firm based in Milan, in the heart of the city of fashion and business, a stone’s throw from Piazza San Babila and Piazza del Duomo.

The firm also has an office in Rome, in the Prati area, near the Court.


Studio Alliegro & Baldieri operates in the field of civil law. We focus particularly on banking law and financial market law, contracts, commercial law and labour law.

The clientele is made up predominantly of banks and companies that receive highly personalized judicial and extrajudicial assistance.

The professionals at Alliegro & Baldieri have vast and consolidated experience and work together to identify and propose practical and effective solutions using a multidisciplinary approach.


Our main objective is client satisfaction, the true heritage of the firm, whose interests and needs are protected thanks to the high quality of the work resulting from the personal and direct commitment of the partners.

The action strategy, shared with the client, always has the main objective of achieving the result in the fastest, most efficient and affordable way.

The cost saving policy based on professional and innovative criteria allows Alliegro & Baldieri to maintain market competitiveness and offer its clients extremely attractive rates.

The firm’s lawyers report directly to the Senior Partners, who personally follow every single issue to be resolved.

A network of professionals and consultants collaborates with the firm all over the country.

The strengths of the law firm have always been the attention, care and transparency in its relationships with its clients.