Lawyer Alba BALDIERI

Born in Milan on 26 October 1980. Member of the Milan Bar Association since 2008.

Education and training

Graduated in law on 7 October 2004 at the University of Milan with a thesis in Civil Law entitled “Il negozio in frode alla legge“, supervisor Prof. Pietro Trimarchi, with a mark of 110 cum laude .

Since December 2004, she has worked at the University of Milan, Department of Private Law and History of Law (from December 2004 to 2006 with the chair of Civil Law of Prof. Pietro Trimarchi; from December 2006 to 2008 with the chair of Civil Law of Prof. Antonio Gambaro; from 2008 to 2014 with the chair of Institutions of Private Law of Prof. Gianroberto Villa, from January 2015 with the chair of Institutions of Civil Law of Prof. Gianroberto Villa and with the chair of Institutions of Private Law of Prof. Laura Castelli).

On 27 April 2011 she was awarded a PhD in Civil Law.

Professional experience

From 2004 to 2008 legal training.
From 16 October 2008 registered with the Bar Association.
In 2009, she founded her own law firm.
She has been Senior Partner of the Alliegro & Baldieri law firm since 2011.

Studies and publications

In the field of labour law, she published the note to the ruling “Licenziamento annullato per factum principis: i criteri per la determinazione del risarcimento“, note to Civ. Cass., Lab. Sect., 13 November 2007, no. 23565, in Rivista italiana di Diritto del Lavoro , 2008, 3, p. 635 ff. On 27 April 2011, she obtained a PhD in Civil Law with a thesis entitled “La forfetizzazione legale del danno risarcibile“, supervisor Prof. Gianroberto Villa.

Foreign languages